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Job offers posted by members of the community. Hire WordPress experts right here on DynamicPress.

You can publish Job Offers on DynamicPress. The offers must be related to building WordPress websites — site planning, building, deployment, administration, plugin and theme development, even content creation.

Describe your project and requirements clearly and sufficiently, so that your communication with interested parties will be smooth and productive. Please note that each Job Offer will close automatically one minute after posting it — no replies can then be made. This is to prevent public bidding, which this platform doesn’t allow.

DynamicPress offers the use of its Direct Messaging and Personal Chat features for all those who will be using this Job Board. You can use them to conduct and conclude your business. There are no fees involved, although this may change in the future.

Disclaimer: It is your own responsibility to choose who you will hire for the job, and DynamicPress takes no responsibility over any issue that may arise from these transactions.