Apply Access settings to output of a View

Normally Access does not affect the output of a View. Access controls affect the visibility of single posts, or posts shown in an archive.

To be able to apply Access restrictions (including from Post Groups for individual posts) to the output of a View you can register a custom shortcode that uses the Access API to check whether the current user has read rights for the current post, and then apply that custom shortcode in a conditional shortcode or conditional block. Remember to register the custom shortcode at Toolset > Settings > Front-end content.

 * Check permission to read post
add_shortcode('allowed', function () {
    $userid = get_current_user_id();
    global $post;
    $allowed = apply_filters( 'toolset_access_api_get_post_permissions', true, $post, 'read', $userid, ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE );
    $return = ( $allowed ) ? 1:0;
    return $return;

The output of the View can then be wrapped conditionally, e.g.

  [wpv-conditional if="( '[allowed]' eq '1' )"]<h3>[wpv-post-link]</h3>[/wpv-conditional]