How to always redirect a user based on their locale in WPML

I just started to use WPML, but quickly found a possible deal-breaker - there’s no mechanism to force a user to always redirect to a specific language subdirectory, based on what they’ve set as their locale (and perhaps stored as a cookie).

They have a browser language redirect feature, but it just doesn’t work well - for many reasons.

What I need is to find a filter that will allow me to override the language/locale on ALL page requests, but I can’t find one and their support is being useless.

Any ideas?

That’s right - there is only an option to redirect once based on the browser locale, and for a good reason:
If the user prefers another language, having a redirect forced always would break the user’s preference.

So it is generally not advisable to do this.
To alter that behaviour, specially in subfolders, this might be useful Redirect to browser language in WordPress + WPML when the default language is in a subfolder (as the rest) and there is no real homepage. · GitHub, however, I did not test this, and I would never suggest to force a redirect of language. For example, all my browsers are set to English, yet I prefer to read many blogs in German, if available. If they’d force my language I wouldn’t be able to do that (and as a matter of facts, there are “big guys” always attempting this, such as adobe and apple, and I literally hate it because they will show me the language based on my location, which is Vietnam, and I don’t really understand that language yet :stuck_out_tongue: - but the result is similar as forcing redirect based on browser language)