How to avoid Toolset Content Templates inserting empty paragraphs

Often, when viewing the output of a Content Template users can see unwanted empty lines, spaces between items that seemingly come from nowhere.

Analysing the Template’s source, on the front end, usually reveals empty p (paragraph) tags are added randomly in the HTML generated.

However when viewing the Toolset Content Template in the backend, no such empty paragraphs can be spotted.

The solution is to change the Content Template Settings for Auto-insert paragraphs in the Output Mode options once to Auto-insert paragraphs and then back to Manual paragraphs.

It seems that there is a BUG in Toolset (since a considerable while) which makes all Content Templates being saved with the Auto-insert paragraphs option turned on, even if not selected, by default.
This happens specifically when creating a new template, but also sometimes when editing existing templates.

Changing the option once and then back, resolves the problem.

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Really helpful. There is no option to do this in a content template created with the blocks editor I think?

Hi there @Hazelln

I rarely work with blocks but I don’t recall seeing such option in the block editor
Also looking at this thread here it seems to me it just defaults to adding paragraphs, which then actually get saved in the database (as opposed to the classic editor where those will get injected once rendering the content template)

So I’d assume no, there’s no such option. I’ll circle back here asap once I’ve my hands on a block build, so I can confirm.

I checked on a fresh updated Blocks install and there is no such setting in the Block Editor Experience.
I would assume, in the “Fields and Text” block, the p tags will NOT be added, however, go figure the Fields and Text Block on WP 6.1 PHP 8 for me returns a This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed. so I cannot test it.

Just adding to the reasons I do not, ever, use blocks. It’s utterly unstable :put_litter_in_its_place: imo :frowning:

Thank you. I think I can confirm that Blocks templates also insert unwanted p tags. I agree 100% with you on Toolset Blocks. Theoretically, an easy quick way to throw together sites but buggy, not very compatible with themes and very limited and inflexible. I have now ditched most of my blocks content templates and used the classic editor and I never create views in blocks. I personally think YToolset needs to think again strategically about how to implement Blocks support.

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Yeah… or rethink if even to integrate/support blocks.

Looking at elementor, they did not spend a single minute integrating blocks as such. In the end, it is about whether the users need what you sell, or not. Users need Elementor as is - and I think this is the pattern throughout Toolset’s history, that they often tried to force on the user what they thought the user needs, instead of listening to the users and then sticking with what they (users) said to be required.

Like, multistep forms in CRED. It’s probably the most requested thing in Toolset since I know it, and never even been considered. :person_shrugging: go figure - different approaches :slight_smile: