How to make a Toolset Taxonomy non-public

The Toolset Types Plugin allows to register a Taxonomy very quickly using an easy-to-use GUI, however it doesn’t offer the option to declare the public argument as false which will effectively remove any front end possibility to navigate to an Archive of that Taxonomy, or else somehow query in the URL by this taxonomy and its terms.

You can use this code, placed in a Theme functions.php file or a plugin in order to achieve a “private” taxonomy.

add_filter( 'register_taxonomy_args', 'make_taxonomy_private', 10, 3);
function make_taxonomy_private( $args, $taxonomy, $object_type ){
     // Only target the taxonomy with slug "my-awesome-taxonomy"
     if ( 'my-awesome-taxonomy' !== $taxonomy )
         return $args;
     //Set the public argument to false
     $args["public"] = false;

Note that you need at least WordPress 4.4 to have this working.