Limit the Toolset DatePicker Input to certain dates

Toolset offers jQuery DatePickers both in Toolset Forms (CRED) and Toolset Views.
Those allow you to either set/edit date fields (in CRED) or filter by Date values.

There is however no native setting to limit the dates of those inputs (for example, to allow only picking dates from today or future, but not past).
This can luckily be achieved easily with Custom JS.

In Toolset Views, you would just hook the code to the Search inputs, however in CRED you will want to keep in mind that hooking JS usually needs to be done on the (undocumented) cred_form_ready event.

So in a CRED form, the jQuery code to limit the datepicker to allow only dates from today onwards would look like so:

jQuery(document).on('cred_form_ready', function() {    
   jQuery( ".js-wpt-date" ).datepicker( "option", "minDate", "0" );

More options of the jQuery DatePicker in general can be found here:

For example, to limit the date picker to some options between dates, you could add another datepicker("option", "maxdate", "+100") as example, to limit datepicker to 100 days into the future.