This has really come together!

I’ve been away for about a week and this has really shaped up nicely!

Well done!


I just made you a moderator so you should be able to see the staff category. Feel free to jump into any of the threads and give feedback!

You are putting great work into this. Very useful. One of the downsides of WordPress is how little up-to-date information there is regarding many topics. And most tutorials are a commercials for paid plugins. Showing the code is cool, especially for simple things you can just copy/paste/tweak and use wherever you need it! Congrats!


Hi @alvarofranz

Welcome to the community!

Thanks @alvarofranz

Yeah, and the market leading “free” option (StackOverflow) is often crowded with “I know it better, so I will downvote your question” folks rofl.

Here, really anyone is welcome, no matter the degree or experience, and given an opportunity for a *Press specific platform to grow. It doesn’t yet get that much traction as we’d perhaps have hoped for… but then, Rome wasn’t built in a day :smiley:

Nice work, thanks for the invite!

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Thanks @Kristoff - nice to have you around here.

I hope it can help people to exchange information and also get some help (hey, its free :smiley: )
Unfortunately it hasn’t yet attracted that many users as I had hoped for, but, I’m not giving up yet :slight_smile: